Current Season



Erato is proud to present our season opening concert, LACRIMOSA. Featuring and ensemble of Voices, Strings, Winds, Piano and Percussion, these five modern masterworks deal with themes of Love, Loss & Longing. This music takes us on a journey, transporting us from darkness to a place of beauty, healing and peace.

The inspiration for the concert is Jocelyn Morlock’s “Lacrimosa,” scored for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Strings and Percussion. The music is beautiful: emotional and spiritual, full of hurt and hope.

Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight,” for String Quintet, is tranquility and peace, a shaft of daylight at the end of a dark tunnel. Erato’s previous performance of this work is closing in on 170,000 views on YouTube!

Paul Hindemith’s “Die Junge Magd,” for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, and String Quartet, is not what you would expect from this often difficult composer. While Georg Trackl’s poems are full of despair, Hindemith’s music is some of the most beautiful he ever composed.  

Tunisian-Canadian-American composer Karim Al-Zand’s “Leila,” for Baritone, Guitar, and String Quartet, is a tour-de-force of unrequited love. Based largely on 7th-century Arabic poems, the piece follows the poet from infatuation to despair to undiminished love in old age.

British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage’s “Two Baudelaire Songs” open the concert and set the stage for the rest of the evening. Scored for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet, the composer beautifully captures Baudelaire’s feelings of longing and hope, as well as his underlying restlessness and insecurity.  

If you enjoyed our Spring concert of Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen’s “Book of Longing,” we are sure you will enjoy this diverse yet cohesive program of contemporary chamber music!

Dorothea Hayley, soprano
Melanie Adams, mezzo-soprano
William George, baritone
Susan Cosco, violin
Majka Demcak, violin
Ju Dee Ang, viola
Alexandra Sia, cello
Leanna Wang, double bass
Jeff Pelletier, flute
Julie Begg, clarinet,
Stanton Jack, guitar
Michael Park, piano
Gaël Chabot-Leclerc, percussion
Chad Emry Heltzel, conductor


More about our 2022-23 season to come!