Erato Ensemble Commissions

Mark Armanini ~ Two For Satherley
Lloyd Burritt  ~ Lake of Souls
Matthew Emery ~ Paths of Quiet Light
William George
     ~ Canadiana Suite     
     ~ As Though the Word Blue Had Been Dropped Into the Water
     ~ Ave Maria Tango
     ~ Unrest
     ~ 3 Songs of Li-Po (voice, guitar)
Stefan Hintersteininger
     ~ In Paris With You (voice, piano)
     ~ Abendlied (arr.) (ST, flute, cello, organ)
Chris Kovarik ~ Love & Other Absurdities
Catherine Laub
     ~ West End Menagerie 
     ~ The Darkling Thrush (voice, flute, guitar, cello)
     ~ Dawn, Awakening (various voices and instruments)
Alain Mayrand ~ Uriel‘s Anvil
Larry Nickel
    ~ Album for the Elderly
     ~ Two Little Boys
     ~ The Last Thing I Shall Do
Bruce Sled ~ Seven Songs and Ayres
Russell Wallace ~ Qanimenskan Ku Tmicw

Erato Ensemble Premieres

Mark Armanini ~ The Botanical Garden
Diane Berry ~ Unfinished Story, Unfinished Song
William George
     ~ Greensleeves
     ~ A good-night
Evan Harding ~ Home
Leila Lustig
     ~ Job’s Wife
     ~ Naomi and Ruth
     ~ In the Summer of Flooding
Sylvia Rickard ~ Cabaret Songs
Martin Ritter ~ Still Night Thoughts
Alvaro Rojas ~ Arctic Rhododendrons
Ned Rorem ~ The Knight of the Grail
Farshid Samandari ~ SunarcanuS (Act 2)
Remy Siu ~ Terminal Love
Glenn Sutherland ~ Shadow River
Barry Truax ~ Enigma


* denotes Canadian Composer 

*Murray Adaskin ~ Daydreams (violin, cello)
Bruce Adolphe ~ Birdsongs (sop, violin, flute, piano)
Efrain Amaya ~ Malagigi the Sorcerer from Arden Forest (flute)
Deborah Anderson ~ The World In a Raindrop (flute, guitar)
Jacob Arcadelt ~ Il bianco e dolce cigno (SATB)
*Mark Armanini
     ~ The Botanical Garden (voice, piano)
     ~ Chinese Folksongs (mezzo, violin, pipa, piano)
     ~ Two for Satherley (tenor, guitar)
J.S. Bach ~ Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen (soprano, cello, piano)
*Michael Conway Baker ~ Some Summertime (flute, piano)
Samuel Barber
     ~ Hermit Songs (voice, piano)
     ~ Un cygnet (voice, piano)
John Bartlet ~ Of All the Birds that I do Know (SATB)
*John Beckwith
     ~ Songs of the Tang Dynasty (voice, piano)
     ~ Where’er You Walk (arr.) (voice, guitar, cello)
     ~ In the Heart of Darkness (arr.) voice, guitar, cello)
*Denis Bédard
    ~ Deux Mélodies (soprano, baritone, saxophone, piano)
    ~ Fantasie (saxophone, piano)
    ~ Sonate pour alto saxophone et piano
Ludwig van Beethoven
     ~ Folk Songs of the British Isles (voice, violin, cello, piano)
     ~ Trio No. 7 in Bb Major (violin, cello, piano)
     ~ Duet No. 1 for violin and cello (violin, cello)
Richard Rodney Bennett
     ~ Tom O’ Bedlam’s Song (tenor, cello)
     ~ Impromptus (guitar)
*Wallace Berry ~ Thirteen Limericks (voice, piano)
Bruno Bettinelli ~ Due Liriche (voice, guitar)
Luis Bonfa ~ Mañha de Carnaval (voice, flute, piano)
Johannes Brahms
     ~ An die Nachtigall (voice, piano)
     ~ Clarinet Sonata No. 1 in F minor
     ~ Geistliches Lied (SATB, organ)
     ~ Hungarian Dance No. 1 (piano duet)
     ~ Liebeslieder-Waltzer, Op. 52 (SATB, two pianos)
Benjamin Britten
     ~ The Ash Grove (voice, piano)
     ~ Ca the Yowes (voice, piano)
     ~ The Choirmaster’s Burial (voice, piano)
*John Burge ~ Everything Waits for the Lilacs (piano)
*Lloyd Burritt
     ~ Androgyne Carnival (voice, saxophone, piano)
     ~ Crystal Earth (soprano, saxophone, piano)
     ~ Lake of Souls (SATB, flute, saxophone, violin, cello, piano)
Geoffrey Bush ~ Echo’s Lament for Narcissus (voice, piano)
Elliott Carter ~ Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred (voice, guitar)
*Dorothy Chang 
     ~ Songs of Woods and Water (voice, piano)
     ~ Two Preludes (saxophone, piano)
*Stephen Chatman
     ~ The Bird and the Hour (SATB, piano)
     ~ Dandy Man (voice, flute, percussion)
     ~ To the Garden the World (saxophone, piano)
     ~ Song of Solomon (2 voices, piano)
Sondra Clark ~ Feline (voice, violin, piano)
Aaron Copland
     ~ Duo for Flute and Piano     
     ~ Simple Gifts (voice, piano)
John Corigliano ~ 3 Irish Folksongs (voice, flute)
*Timothy Corlis ~ Prelude, for the night of the lunar eclipse (cello, piano)    
Elvis Costello ~ The Juliet Letters (voice, string quartet)
*Jean Coulthard
     ~ Ægean Sketches (piano)
     ~ Where The Trade Winds Blow (flute, piano)
*J.A. Creaghan
     ~ Take O Take Those Lips Away (arr.) (voice, flute, cello, guitar)
     ~ Orpheus With His Lute (arr.) (voice, flute, guitar)
Celius Dougherty ~ Wayfaring Stranger (voice, piano)
Louis Durey ~ Le Bestiare (voice, piano) 
Roland Dyens ~ Tango en Skai (guitar)
*Matthew Emery ~ Sweet Bide With Me (voice, piano)
Gabriel Faure
     ~ L’Horizon Chimérique (voice, piano)
     ~ La Chanson d’Eve (soprano, piano)
Djalma Ferreira ~ Recado Bossa Nova (voice, saxophone, cello, piano)
*George Fiala ~ Canadian Landscapes (piano)
Gerald Finzi
     ~ A Young Man’s Exhortation (tenor, piano)
     ~ Come Away Death (voice, piano)
Jean Francaix ~ 5 Exotic Dances (saxophone, piano)
Robert Franz
     ~ Die blauen Frühlingsaugen (voice, piano)
     ~ Frühling und Liebe
(voice, piano)
     ~ Mutter, o sing’ mich zur Ruh’!
(voice, piano)
     ~ Schlummerlied
(voice, piano)
Carlos Gardel ~ Por Una Cabeza (voice, cello, guitar)
*William George
     ~ As Though the Word Blue had been Dropped into the Water (voice, flute, piano)
     ~ Ave Maria Tango (voice, saxophone, cello, piano)
     ~ Canadiana Suite (soprano, tenor, flute, violin, cello, piano)
     ~ A Good-night (voice, piano)
     ~ Greensleeves (3 voices)
     ~ Heaven & Hell (tenor, soprano, piano)
     ~ The Virtues/Karitas Habundat (soprano, mezzo, tenor, violin, organ)
     ~ Winter’s Mantle (voice, piano)
     ~ Twilight Songs (soprano, tenor, violin)
     ~ The Drugs Don’t Work (voice, piano)
Alberto Ginastera
     ~ Cancion El Arbol del Olvido (voice, piano)
     ~ Las Horas de una Estancia (voice, piano)
Phillip Glass ~ Freezing (2 voices, string quartet)
Richard Gleaves
     ~ Cinnamon Beach (SATB, string quartet)
     ~ Harlot’s House (tenor, violin, piano)
Osvaldo Golijov ~ Lua Descolorida (soprano, string quartet)
Percy Grainger ~ David of the White Rock (voice, piano)
André Gretry ~ La fauvette avec ses petits (arr. voice, piano)
Maria Margharita Grimani ~ L’esser fida (voice, cello, harpsichord)
Ivor Gurney ~ Sleep (voice, piano)
Reynaldo Hahn ~ Les cygnes (voice, piano)
Georg Handel ~ Süsse Stille (soprano, organ)
Joseph Haydn ~ Scottish Songs (2+ voices, violin, cello, piano)
Valdemar Henrique ~ Boi Bumba (voice, piano)
*Adam Hill ~ Ride Along East Hastings (voice, piano)
Johann Nepomuk Hummel ~ Romanze (violin, cello)
Adina Izarra ~ Plumismo para Luis Julio (flute)

Edward Kilenyi (arr. of trad.)
     ~ La calle de la paloma (voice, piano)
     ~ Noche Serena (voice, piano)
     ~ La paloma Blanca (voice, piano)
*Jacobus Kloppers ~ Der Mond ist Aufgegangen (organ)
Robert Kraft ~ La Bella Maria de mi Alma (voice, flute, piano)
Josephine Lang ~ songs (voice, piano)
*Catherine Laub
     ~ The Singing Contest (flute, narrator, actors {interactive})
     ~ West End Menagerie (SATB, flute, saxophone, violin, piano)
*Jacqueline Leggatt
     ~ Cat’s Eye (saxophone)
~ Girls In Their Married Bliss (saxophone, piano)
Kenneth Leighton ~ These Are Thy Wonders (voice, organ)
John Lennon & Paul McCartney ~ Blackbird (SATB)

William Lloyd Webber ~ Elegy (cello, piano)*Leila Lustig
     ~ Job’s Wife  (voice, piano)
     ~ Noah’s Wife (voice, piano)
     ~ Naomi and Ruth (organ: arr. 3 voices, organ)
Armando Manzanero ~ Somos Novios (voice, saxophone, piano)
Marcelle de Manziarly ~ Trois Fables de La Fontaine (voice, piano)
*Daniel Marshall ~ Visions d’ne Âme Seul (violin)
Peter Maxwell Davies ~ Farewell to Stromness (guitar)
*Alain Mayrand ~ Uriel‘s Anvil (saxophone, piano)
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
     ~ Notturno (piano)
     ~ Suleika (voice, piano)
     ~ Warum sind denn die Rosen so blass (voice, piano)
     ~ Morgenständchen (voice, piano)
Felix Mendelssohn
     ~ Abendlied (2 voices, piano)
     ~ Herbstlied (2 voice, piano)
     ~ Maiglöckchen (2 voices, piano)
Jose Luis Merlin ~ Insectos, Pajaros y Nubes (guitar)
Olivier Messiaen
     ~ Le banquet celeste (organ)
     ~ Le Merle Noir (flute, piano)
     ~ La Mort du Nombre (soprano, tenor, violin, piano)
     ~ Prelude No. 8: un Reflet Dans Le Vent (piano)
Claudio Monteverdi ~ Non si levava ancor (ST, flute, cello, organ)
*Oskar Morawetz
     ~ The Fly (voice, piano)
     ~ The Land of Dreams (voice, piano)
     ~ Piping Down the Valleys Wild (voice, piano)
*Jocelyn Morlock
     ~ Halcyon (cello, piano)
     ~ Involuntary Love Songs (voice, piano)
*Larry Nickel
     ~ Album for the Elderly (voice, piano)
     ~ The Last Thing I Shall Do (SATB, saxophone, piano)
     ~ Two Little Boys (flute, piano)
John Jacob Niles ~ The lass from the Low-countree (voice, piano) 
Michael Nyman ~ I am an unusual thing (voice, string quartet)
Roberto Scarcella Perino ~ The Moon In Her Vanity (voice, guitar)
Julian Philips ~ selections from An Amherst Bestiary (voice, piano)
Astor Piazzolla
     ~ Chiquilin de Bachin (voice, piano)
     ~ Histoire de Tango (flute, guitar)
     ~ Los Pajaros Perdidos (voice, piano)
     ~ Oblivion (cello, piano)
Francis Poulenc ~ Le Bestiare (voice, piano)
Emili Pujol ~ Stella Australis (guitar)
Henry Purcell
     ~ An Evening Hymn (voice, organ)
     ~ The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation (voice, harpsichord)
Marcel Quinet ~ Arch de Noe (voice, piano)
Priaulx Rainier
     ~ Cycle for Declamation (voice)
     ~ Greek Epigrams (voice, piano)
     ~ Dance of the Rain (voice, guitar)
     ~ Ubunzima (voice, guitar)
     ~ Prayers from the Ark (voice, piano)
     ~ Vision & Prayer (voice, piano)
*Imant Raminsh ~ Three Spanish Lyrics (voice, piano)
Ariel Ramirez ~ Alfonsina y el mar (voice, piano)
Maurice Ravel ~ Le cygnet (voice, piano)
*Godfrey Ridout ~ Folksongs of Eastern Canada (voice, piano)
Silvio Rodriguez ~ Mi Unicornio Azul (voice, cello, piano)
Ned Rorem ~ The Knight of the Grail (voice, piano)
Camilla de Rossi ~ Strali, fulmini, tempeste, procelle (voice, piano)
Giacchino Rossini ~ Cat Duet (2 voices, piano)
Alec Roth ~ English Folk Songs
Albert Roussel ~ Rossignol mon mignon (voice, flute)
Camille Saint-Saëns ~ Carnival des Animaux (arr. Erato Ensemble) (SATB, flute, saxophone, violin, piano duet)  
*Farshid Samandari ~ SunarcanuS: Act 2 (SA, fl, cl, sax, vl, cello, dbl bass, piano, perc, CD, video)
Claudio Santoro ~ Cançoes de Amor (voice, piano)
Erik Satie
     ~ Les Anges (voice, piano)
     ~ Aubade (piano)
     ~ Chansons sans paroles (voice, piano)
     ~ La Diva de l’empire (voice, piano)
     ~ Embryons Desechées (piano)
     ~ Gnossienne No. 1 & 3 (piano)
     ~ Gymnopedie No. 1,3  (piano)
     ~ Je Te Veux (voice, piano)
     ~ Ludions (voice, piano)
     ~ Messe des Pauvres (SATB, organ)
     ~ Prélude de la Porte Héroïque du Ciel (piano) 
     ~ Socrate (3 voices, piano)
     ~ Tendrement (voice, piano)
     ~ Trois chansons: La Statue de bronze, Dapheneo, Le Chapelier (voice, piano)
Peter Schickele ~ Last Tango in Bayreuth (flute, sax, cello, guitar, piano duo, voices)
Franz Schubert
     ~ Der Doppelgänger (voice, piano)
     ~ Der Erlkönig (voice, piano)
     ~ Ganymed (voice, piano)
     ~ Heimliches Lieben (voice, piano)
     ~ Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (voice, clarinet, piano)
     ~ Lied der Mignon I, II (voice, piano)
     ~ Ständchen (voice, piano)
Clara Schumann ~ songs (voice, piano)
Robert Schumann
     ~ Dichterliebe (tenor, piano)
     ~ Frauenliebe und Leben (soprano, piano)
*Rodney Sharman
     ~ Cabaret Songs (voice, piano)
*Bruce Sled ~ Seven Songs and Ayres (mezzo, piano)
Reginald Smith Brindle ~ Two Poems of Gerald Manley Hopkins (voice, piano)
*Harry Somers ~ Invocations (voice, piano)
Richard Strauss ~ Ständchen (voice, piano)
Michael Tippett
     ~ Boyhood’s End (tenor, piano)
     ~ Love-duet from Robin Hood (ST, flute, violin, cello, piano)
*Barry Truax
     ~ Hymn To The Moon (voice, electronics)
     ~ Two Love Songs (tenor, electronics, video)
*Leslie Uyeda
     ~ The Great Sea (voice, piano)
     ~ The First Woman (voice, piano)
Peteris Vasks ~ Landscape With Birds (flute)
Ralph Vaughan Williams
     ~ 2 English Folksongs (ST, violin)  
     ~ From Far, From Eve and Morning (voice, piano)               
Heitor Villa-Lobos 
     ~ Bachianas Brasilieras No. 5 (voice, guitar)
     ~ Songs of the Tropical Forest (voice, piano)
Antonio Vivaldi ~ Il Gardellino (flute, piano)
César Vivanco ~ Fantasía Andina Sobre el tema de El Condor Pasa (flute)
*Russell Wallace
     ~ Dreams (STB, saxophone, cello, piano)
     ~ Qanimenskan Ku Tmicw (STB, saxophone, cello, piano)
     ~ The Gift (SATB, obbligato instruments)
L. Warde 
     ~ Circles (ST, string quartet)
     ~ Compliments (string quartet)
     ~ Family Tree (SATB, string quartet, guitar)
     ~ Laude Jocunda (SAT, string quartet, guitar)
     ~ The Shore (SA, string quartet)
     ~ Heiligenstadt Testament (voice, guitar)
Kurt Weill
     ~ Berlin im Licht (voice, piano)
     ~ Lonely House from Street Scene (voice, piano)
     ~ Lotterieagent’s Tango from Die Silbersee (voice, piano)
     ~ Die Muschel von Margate (voice, piano)
     ~ We’ll Go Away Together from Street Scene (ST, piano)
     ~ Wie Lange Noch? (voice, piano)
     ~ Youkali (voice, piano)

Cabaret du Monde
featuring songs by Jacques Brel, Chris Berg, Leonard Bernstein, William Bolcom, Leonard Cohen,
Philip Glass, Edith Piaf, Astor Piazzolla, Reszo Seress, Rodney Sharman, Kurt Weill,
Frank Wildhorn, and Stefan Hintersteininger.

Ave Maris Stella:
Christmas Through the Ages

Traditional Carols and new works
from medieval times to modern day
featuring arrangements by Stefan Hintersteininger
and music by
Barber • Dello Joio • Head • Liszt • Moraeus • Niles • Rudman
& more for soprano, tenor, violin, cello, and piano